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Laura Leigh Mullins knew when she bought her first home in Dartmouth in 2004 that she would someday become a real estate agent.  Her passion for helping people, her love for sales and knack for solving challenges would naturally lead her there.  Her curiosity would encourage her when the time was right. Someday came in 2013.


While enjoying a very successful and busy sales career in the marketing and advertising world, Laura Leigh started preparing to become a REALTOR®.  In 2012, she studied the course on evenings and weekends and transitioned to a new role to provide more time for continued education and learning. When the new role was abolished 9 months later, Laura Leigh recognized it as the perfect opportunity to follow her passion.  Instead of returning to the safety of a job she knew and excelled in, she said “if not now, when?” and she has not looked back.


Laura Leigh’s client’s get the distinct advantage of her over 20 years in sales.  Known for strategic thinking, she is a skilled negotiator who clients can trust to provide honest advice and feedback. Even when it is information they would rather not hear.


She carefully listens to understand her client’s needs and concerns before advising them in the purchase or sale of a home.  She then channels her seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm into delivering what her clients want.  For Laura Leigh, success is happy clients.


Having purchased and remodeled her own home, she has the personal experience first time buyers appreciate.  Her above average knowledge of the renovation industry directly benefits sellers considering renovating before listing.  She stays on top of trends and changes to consistently give advice based on the current real estate market.


Laura Leigh personally conducts open houses and will help prepare and stage a clients home, if needed.  Always willing to go above and beyond, she quickly becomes a trusted resource for her clients.


She’s a self proclaimed “life long learner” who values spending time with family and friends.  Adventurous and fun loving, Laura Leigh and her husband Jamie enjoy traveling and meeting new people.   Laura Leigh loves pets and supports local rescue organizations.  She is “mom” to two dogs – a spirited and sometimes silly labrador-retreiver mix and a loyal, always affectionate pitbull-lab mix rescue.

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